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Launching Summer 2021

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We do the hard work.
You'll receive all the benefits with 90% less effort.

Stroke of Genius is for leaders who know there isn’t enough time to extract, implement, and execute ideas from business books. They see the value in hiring someone to do the hard work so they receive all the benefits — with 90% less effort.

These leaders are looking for 1 actionable insight per book — because they know they can’t execute 100s of ideas. They know 1 focused idea could 10x their monthly cost for Stroke of Genius... and substantially impact their business and career.

This is not a book club. We repeat.
This is not a book club.

We go through the hassle of unlocking key concepts from business books so you can immediately take action. Imagine an analyst creating super-powered execution guides for you. These reports feature critical insights and recommendations on what and how to IMPLEMENT.

In case it was not entirely clear, this is NOT a book club. It’s a premium membership service.

This is NOT for someone who wants to read 100s of books so they can brag about being “well read” in social and professional settings.

There's pure gold in a pile of books.
But — should you do the mining?

One leader created a standard operating procedure for hiring that brought in A+ team members who added millions of dollars in revenue to the company. That hiring SOP was based on countless ideas from the book Who: The A Method For Hiring by Geoff Smart and Randy Street.

Now this leader got lucky. They found time to read the book. Then hustled hard to implement within 30 days. Who knows how long it would have taken to find and internalize methods for hiring a stellar team without this focused effort?

There’s pure gold to be mined — but you shouldn't be the one doing the mining.

Super-powered business book execution guides and workshops designed for you...

We'll do the following:

Curate and read one essential business book every month Write an analysis featuring 3-5 applications of key concepts from the bookProvide a detailed synopsis with reference notesMake it easy for you to implement and execute the key concepts These are NOT book summaries — they're execution guides for taking actionThese guides are about implementation and doing — rather than absorbing and retaining information

What you'll receive:

One execution guide per month in digital format — ready for any deviceAccess to the digital archive of every single guide we ever create

Each guide is designed with three main parts:

The Brief: a concise summary of the book’s “big idea” The Breakdown: a chapter-by-chapter analysis to rapidly understand the book The Execution: short, actionable steps or activities to implement book concepts
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